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Sprint Networks IT Solution

Supercharge your NBN Connection

Use the power of software defined networking to supercharge your NBN.

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Experience the real power of Software Defined Networks

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Dont take our word for it. See the true power of our solution first hand!

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Business Complaints

My business goes down when the NBN goes down

I have no idea what's going on within my network

There is no firewall in place to protect my customer data and business from cyber threats

Zoom/voice calls constantly drop out

I never felt like our IT company really cared about our business

My business critical applications are slow when I need them the most

Our Solution

Our solution can help your organisation overcome all challanges mentioned above with an all in one solution

No More Dropped Zoom/Voice Calls

Unreliable calls will be a thing of the past

No More Poor application performance

Prioratise and optimise business critical applications

No More Cyber Attacks

Built in Next Generation Firewall to protect your perimeter from cyber attacks

Never drop a zoom call again Heres Proof!

Dropping of zoom calls may result in diminished brand reputation, missed opportunity which leads into very real financial losses. Here’s how you can avoid it.

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Save Thousands of Dollars Per month Switch to Regular Internet from MPLS

Get rid of expensive MPLS links and replace them with regular NBN/LTE links with up to 8 concurrent links for redundancy. This will result in thousands of dollars worth of savings monthly while improving redundancy.

Built in cyber security for your peace of mind Secure Your Entire Organisation

Our solution provides businesses with the best-in-class security, thereby offering 24/7 protection for customer data from cyber attacks and breaches. No data passes through the device without being inspected for anomalies and malware first.

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Dont take our word for it. See the true power of our solution first hand!

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