Transition of Security Service and SD-WAN Paradigm with SASE

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Corporates leverage cloud fabrics provided by cloud service providers for transferring data over secure channel between Data centeres and remote branches through cloud secure gateway(SD-WAN Overlay Fabric).

Remote Users and roaming users access to cloud services or on-prem services at data centres through secure channels via cloud secure gateways.

Cloud based secure gateways or POPs(Point of Presences) provide underlay connection as the closest point to SD-WAN appliances and secure Internet gateways to remote/roaming users.

Cloud based secure gateways as the crucial part of SASE connect provide multi-stacked security features, like Secure Web Gateway(SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker(CASB), Zero Trust Netwrok Access(ZTNA), Firewall As A Service(FWaaS), DNS layer security and so on.

All Internet or cloud-bound traffics among data centres, branches and remote/roaming users are inspected or protected by a single pack providing multi-layerd security features.

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