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Building Scalable Networks

The Pacific Islands

In the Pacific Islands, NO Service provider can guarantee Network Assurance (in every sense of the word). Your business could be off-line for days, Network Latency can be painful and “Network Security”…. Well…. have a guess. So, how do you build WAN networks that provide business continuity? Answer: By using the recommended options shown on the side.

Collaboration With Telstra

Telstra Australia & Sprint Networks

Team Telstra and Sprint Networks are working “together” – designing and building great WAN networks across Australia and the Pacific Islands. We had the opportunity to work with some great Telstra engineers, none better than these two guys Jacky Liong and Igor Grigoriev.

The Brilliant Automatic Failover Solution

Westpac Bank

Our unique solution and Design to enable ``active/active`` links between TPNG (Telikom PNG) and Digicel (or any other ISP for that matter) has helped our customers to perform at their optimal best. Minimal downtime - maximum output. Super impressed with the outcome!

Westpac Bank in PNG are reaping the benefits of this technology

The Westpac Pacific Takeover

Westpac Bank Pacific

Sprint Networks' team was in Suva, Fiji, taking over the entire network management responsibilities of Westpac Bank's data network from Telstra. The picture was taken at Westpac's state-of-the-art data centre in Suva. Next stop PNG. For a free consultation e-mail us: sales@sprintnetworks.com

Network Management System

Kina Securities

We had the opportunity to work with this great team from Kina Securities while integrating their new NMS tool “Enigma”. These superstars from Kina Securities are now equipped to take control of their network from all angles, whether it be monitoring system or application hardware (CPU, RAM or Virtual Memory) or latency, packet-loss, throughput, etc.. between branch to head-office or within the LAN.

How Secure is Your Network

Pacific Islands

Is your primary business in the Pacific Islands? Then, you need to secure your WAN circuits to your branch offices, ATMs and the Internet. If you're not - then why not? Whether it be Radio (RF), Microwave, terrestrial Fibre or satellite; as a business, it is “your” responsibility to provide security and encryption of your precious data on your WAN links and NOT the Telco’s.

So.. how do you secure your WAN links in the Pacific Islands? Feel free to drop us an e-mail to sales@sprintnetworks.com to find out how. Please include ``your name`` and your ``company name``.

100 Times Faster Networks

We have made Pacific WAN networks 100 times faster

We managed to optimise and improve the WAN network performance for Westpac, PNG by over 125%. This performance gain has made Westpac not just more productive but overall end-user satisfaction ratings have skyrocketed.