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We design networks that perform like a well-oiled machine

Do you require an expert Network Architect or designer to audit, redesign your network? Do you require guidance tweaking or re-designing your network to perform at an optimum – then you’ve come to the right place.

Network Architecture and Design is our forte! We will come up with ideas not only to save you money but also to make your network perform like a well-oiled machine, day in – day out.

A lot of engineering companies claim to save you money, but at what cost? Compromising on hardware or quality network design will leave your business in dire straits. If you are looking for transparency how and why our architects can save you money and how our designers can re-configure and engineer your network to perform at world-class contact us today for a free consultation.

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Data Centre

Architect and Design new Data Centre solutions and take ownership to deliver and manage core network infrastructure.

Corporations - Startups

Architectural and design governance for large corporations and start-ups.

Tailored Support

Oversee day-to-day network implementations, and provide guidance and support as required.

Vendor Collaboration

Work with vendors (Cisco, F5, Juniper etc) to understand best practice solutions and new product-line to meet customer requirements.

Secure Networks

Provide state-of-the-art Data Centre solutions for a secure data network.

Continuous Improvement

Co-ordinate workshops with senior management to ratify new architecture and design.

Server Migration

Migrate and/or relocate data centres; thereafter integrate into the core network(s) and provide network stability.

Consortium With Contractors

Liaise with other management services groups and third parties to obtain various network solutions to meet customer requirements.

We Do More

  • Design, implementation and operation of large MPLS network.
  • Design, implementation and operation of LAN, WAN, Metro E and other Layer 2 networks.
  • Design, implementation and operation of Internet service backbone
  • Design, implementation and operation of Network security for data networks
  • Architect, Design, implementation and operation of Data centre network
  • Design, implementation and QOS in the IP Network, define SLAs and monitoring, reporting and enhancement.
  • Design & implementation of Multicasting, Tunnelling, Traffic engineering, IPV6, MPLS VPNs to provide IP services
  • Design, implementation and operation of network monitoring, performance and fault management system.

Thank you for wonderful MPLS failover link designed and deployed by you and Sprint Network in Sydney. I have tested the MPLS link which improved banks uptime on Telkom PNG network.

National Development Bank Limited’s and its subsidiary People’s Microbank Limited’s customers and staffs at Wewak are happy with the transactions turnaround time. Sprint Network has done a tremendous job to improve the Banking service and I recommend you and sprint network for wonderful professionalism in networking and MPLS auto failover configurations.

Brian Simon | Senior Engineer
Management Information Systems,
National Development Bank Limited

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Need an ICT expert team to create, design or re-structure your IT infrastructure, Superfast! then don’t look any further contact us today.

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Professional Services

Managing, maintaining and providing security solutions.

Software Define WAN (SD-WAN)

Save over 60% of the cost with customised SD-WAN Solutions

Managed Services

WAN/LAN data and voice services for Data Centres and branch offices