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SD-WAN and SASE Services for Businesses in ANZ and the Pacific Islands

Empowering Businesses with Tailored SD-WAN & SASE Solutions: Transforming Networking & Cybersecurity Landscape in ANZ and the Pacific Islands

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Allow your IT Teams to concentrate on strategic projects by choosing our comprehensive managed solutions. With our end-to-end services for your SD-WAN and SASE, rest assured that we’ve got everything under control.

One Solution, so many possibilities

With a solution that’s straightforward to oversee and maintain, you’ll gain better insights and control over your network.


Support for Independent Sites

  • Experience strong, scalable Internet connectivity for site-to-cloud traffic — ideal for a single location or numerous ones.

  • Boost the availability and performance of applications located in the cloud.

Unified Network Policy Management

  • Apply changes across multiple sites with a simple click.

  • Formulate templates for sites that share routing policies, enabling changes to be remotely sent to all at once.

  • Run the network and applications on a local level.

  • Keep an eye on network performance through your desktop or voice-activated device.

Adaptable Network Configuration

  • Accommodate up to 4 underlays.

  • Keep your network going with 4G LTE backup.

Application-aware traffic steering

  • Enable application prioritisation.

  • Create dynamic policies to direct traffic over the most optimal path.

  • Facilitate automatic failover.

Cost-efficient Connectivity

  • Connect via low cost per megabit broadband.

  • Aggregate bandwidth.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Achieve improved network visibility with in-depth reporting.

  • Equip IT teams with application intelligence and predictive analytics.

Open-System Flexibility

  • Delivered via a universal CPE.

  • Encourage the integration of multi-vendor technologies, paving the way for scaling up new applications.

Competitive Pricing Structure

  • Charge a uniform rate for SD-WAN service per site.

Charge a uniform rate for SD-WAN service per site.

  • Incorporate Advanced Security for on-premises or cloud-based security to meet critical SASE criteria.

  • Both options are available with SD-WAN.

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