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"It doesn't take 15 minutes to upload files to our POM head office anymore, it take less than 10 seconds"
Branch Manager Mt. Hagen, at a well known Micro Bank
PNG's First Zero-Trust Network
Keeping PMBL Secure end-to-end
Pacific Islands firms seek robust network solutions, not just SD-WAN.
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Secure Data Networks Built in the Pacific Region
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WAN Networks Optimised and Secured in Papua New Guinea
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Is your Remote Branch Data Links keep dropping out?

  • Are you noticing slow data transfers because of fluctuating connections?
  • Facing problems with live apps and video calls?
  • Having trouble seeing footage from your branch office security cameras?

Are you getting what you pay for?

  • Not being able to check how much bandwidth an ISP is providing you in real-time can create major strain on company’s operations. This would raise questions such as;

    • Are you really getting the internet speed you’re paying for?
    • How can I check real-time performance of expensive MPLS connections
    • How much latency and packet loss is hampering critical business traffic?

    Without real-time data, businesses struggle to hold ISPs accountable for discrepancies, often leading to overspending for under-delivered services.

How do you utilise all your bandwidth?

On average you could be losing 44,000 Kina per branch annually when using two, 1Meg circuits. You could be losing approximately 650,000 Kina annually if you have 15 branches or more on dual ISP links using 1Mbps

More than 50% of IT budgets are spent on dual service providers, hoping it will improve branch up-time and performances.

Unfortunately, companies in PNG and the Pacific Islands never get to use both service provider circuits simultaneously! Resulting in a loss of money. This is no longer the case, thanks to the power of SD-WAN!

Is your branch to head-office design letting your company down?

The design of the connection between branches and the central hub is crucial for establishing a robust remote branch network in the Pacific Islands.

Our experience at Sprint Networks has demonstrated that achieving superior branch performances hinges primarily on the implementation of an optimal hub-and-spoke design.

If you have got this design wrong no amount of bandwidth at the branch will resolve poor connectivity issues.

Are you looking for Banking Grade Network Design?

For companies in the Pacific Islands seeking banking-grade network design, Sprint Networks is the go-to solution. They offer robust and secure network infrastructure tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the banking industry.

Top financial institutions trust Sprint Networks for their data network needs due to their expertise and proven track record.



Features for Ensuring Digitally-Ready, Thriving Remote Branches

In the Pacific Islands, businesses invest heavily in IT to achieve faster and more reliable connections. Despite paying for two links, many only use one, missing out on efficiency. A backup system is ideal but requires regular oversight. Sprint Networks SDWAN can fully utilise internet capacity, ensuring speed and reliability. It gives granular insights to network performance and security. For those in the Pacific Islands seeking a faster, dependable connection Sprint Networks SDWAN provides all together with internal and external protection against cyber threats

Traditionally, network designs included all branch traffic are sent to organisations HQ via WAN links. From HQ, the organisation sets policies for traffic breaking out to internet. This approach was implemented to avoid added costs when adding security devices at branch level. Modern designs use SD WAN technology, which is more flexible and cost-effective. It uses different internet types, like broadband or satellite, and keeps data safe when transmitted through the overlay secure paths. This method doesn’t always send data back to the main office, leading to overall cost saving.

At Sprint Networks, we believe in transforming Papua New Guinea by introducing state of the art technologies to help resolve existing challenges and make lives easier for both people and businesses. We are experts in designing and executing the best technology solutions for Papua New Guinea enterprises, ranging from the smallest of businesses to the largest of corporations.

I worked with the team at Sprint Networks in my capacity as COO Westpac Pacific, and I recommended Sprint Networks to Westpac as I was so impressed with their expertise and knowledge, and also their energy, passion and “can do” attitude. Westpac put Sprint Networks through an intensive procurement process and suffice to say Sprint Networks is now a key supplier in the Telecommunications Networking space for Westpac in the Pacific.

Turnkey IT Solutions for PNG

All in one, cost effective IT turnkey solutions for Papua New Guinea. With additional flexibility to customise to suit your business needs.

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