Cyber Security

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Peneteration Testing

Our approach involves comprehensive testing across networks and devices to identify a list of issues and measures to remedy them. This approach works much better than simply being provided with a long list of problems and not knowing where to start

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Penetration testing

Network Penetration Testing

We simulate attacks on your network infrastructure to assess vulnerabilities and threats

Application Penetration Testing

We leverage security testing frameworks to assess the security of web-based and mobile applications

IoT Device Testing

Our testing looks at all components of the IoT ecosystem such as communication channels, encryption, interfaces and APIs, firmware, and hardware to find all types of vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management involves implementing a tailored solution to ensure the overall risk across your network environment is reduced. We provide a vulnerability management program to ensure that you stay ahead of any attacks defend all aspects of the network

Regular Audits

We ensure to audit your networks regularly based on the specific needs of the organization.

Vulnerability Management Plan

We provide you with a plan so you can assess the risk levels yourself and decide which areas need most protection on a regular basis.

Scanning and Reporting

We also provide scanning and reporting based on the needs specific to your organization. This also ensures that you can allocate resources on other essential aspects of the business while we ensure that your network’s vulnerability levels are kept to a minimum.
Vulnerability Management

Why Sprint Networks Managed Cyber Security solution?

Sprint Networks has a team of security experts who will support your evolving security needs. We have a strong partnership with leading security technology providers to build and maintain your security solutions.
Our comprehensive security framework ensures the appropriate technology, people and processes are deployed when and where necessary. This framework outlines what is required to secure your data and infrastructure from evolving threats.
Our managed security solutions protect your businesses against risks, threats, giving you the confidence to focus on what you do best and meet the demands of a highly instrumented world.
Sprint Networks will provide best-in-class managed perimeter solution with the top class Cyber Security products in the industry.

Let's Make You Secure From Cyber Attacks