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About Email Security​

Attackers are now shifting to target individual users instead of enterprise email infrastructure. Malware and fraudulent are mostly spread through your email infrastructure, which you would like to trust. The links, files, or even pictures might help attackers to spread malicious code, which might eventually help attackers to gain access to confidential company data.

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Benefits of Email Security By Using Sprint Networks.

Securing email with enhanced security, spam and phishing detection.

Protecting against viruses, spam and phishing, Denial of Service and zero-day attacks.

Dynamically analysing URLs and attachments for known and zero-day threats.

Preventing data leakages
for corporate security purposes.

Providing social media
account protection, email spooling and fail over.

File Sandboxing provides you with the ability to analyze unknown files

Protecting Business With Sprint Networks Email Security Solution

Strengthen your security defenses with better control over all aspects of inbound and outbound emails. Relying on people to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks is no longer an option. You need advanced email protection – right now. Sprint Networks provide both cloud and on-premise email security solution continually filters and archives malicious mail before it even hit your network. This would take the pressure off your team to detect cyber-attacks and frees up administrative time, bandwidth and server resources.
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Ten Reasons To Choose Us

  • 1. Zero-Cost Network Integration
  • 2. Zero-Cost Design and implementation
  • 3. Best-in-class Spam Protection
  • 4. Best-in-class Threat Protection
  • 5. Best-in-class Intrusion Prevention
  • 6. Best-in-class Malware Protection
  • 7. Real-time monitoring, management and analysis
  • 8. Secure Remote Access
  • 9. Monthly Report on network threat
  • 10. 24X7 Support

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