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Cost of Cyber Security Negligence

0 %

Only one third of Healthcare organisations are aware of potential cyber security attacks

$ 0

Average cost of a cyber crime to a business in Australia.

0 %

Percentage of cyber security funding spent on detection and recovery rather than prevention.

0 - 51

Number of days on average it takes to resolve a cyber attack. 

Your healthcare business or practice has access to valuable digital information entrusted to you by healthcare consumers, suppliers and employees. The information and systems your business uses to access and store this information are critical to its ability to operate. 

If criminals compromise your computer systems or steal important business information, your business may suffer significant financial loss, possible legal liability, reputational damage and your customers’ personal information may be misused for fraudulent purposes. Some cyber attacks may cause you to lose access to critical business systems or Internet bandwidth making it difficult to run your business.

How Sprint Networks Can Help Your Healthcare Business

Network Security

  • Next Gen Firewall
  • Secure VPN
  • Network hardening
  • Zero touch provisioning

Secure Network Design

  • Customised design based on your needs
  • Free network audit
  • Free network integration

24/7 Availability & Support

  • Dedicated support team round the clock
  • Frequent report generation
  • LTE or Dual LTE backup
  • High throughput

Cyber Security

  • Email Security
  • Next generation intrusion detection and prevention
  • Malware and Virus Protection
  • URL filtering and traffic steering

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