Sprint Networks Embraces Versa Networks’ Groundbreaking Zero Trust LAN Technology

Sprint Networks Embraces Versa Networks' Groundbreaking Zero Trust LAN Technology

In a significant leap forward for network security and efficiency, Sprint Networks is thrilled to announce our partnership with Versa Networks in bringing the revolutionary Zero Trust LAN technology to the ANZ and Pacific Islands regions. This cutting-edge technology, a first in the industry, promises to redefine the landscape of local area network security and management.

The Innovation: Versa Secure SD-LAN

Versa Networks, a global leader in AI/ML-powered Unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), has recently unveiled the Versa Secure SD-LAN. This innovative solution is the first of its kind to offer a software-defined approach to branch and campus Local Area Networks (LAN), integrating Zero Trust and IoT Security at the LAN Edge.

Why It Matters:

Traditional LAN solutions have long struggled with operational challenges, vendor lock-in, and an inability to adapt to the modern, secure enterprise needs. Versa Secure SD-LAN addresses these issues head-on, offering unprecedented agility, integrated security, and a user-centric approach that aligns perfectly with today’s security best practices.

Key Features:

  • Software-Defined Architecture: Versa Secure SD-LAN brings together switching, routing, security, and network services in a unified software-defined solution.
  • Zero Trust Enforcement: Every switch and access point becomes a Zero Trust enforcement point, continuously assessing security postures and identifying threats.
  • VersaAI™ Integration: AI/ML engines are embedded into the LAN, enhancing operational excellence and real-time threat identification.
  • Adaptive Micro-Segmentation: This feature limits lateral movement and reduces the risk of network compromise, adapting in real-time to user and device behavior.

Sprint Networks' Role:

As a proud partner of Versa Networks, Sprint Networks is at the forefront of deploying this transformative technology across the ANZ and Pacific Islands. Our expertise in network solutions and local market understanding positions us uniquely to implement Versa Secure SD-LAN effectively, ensuring our clients benefit from enhanced security, agility, and operational efficiency.

Benefits for the ANZ and Pacific Islands:

This technology is particularly relevant for our region, given the unique challenges we face in terms of geographical dispersion and diverse enterprise needs. With Versa Secure SD-LAN, businesses in our region can look forward to:

  • Enhanced security posture with Zero Trust principles.
  • Improved network agility and flexibility.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with simplified management.

The introduction of Versa Secure SD-LAN by Versa Networks, in partnership with Sprint Networks, marks a new era in LAN security and management. We are excited to bring this technology to our clients in the ANZ and Pacific Islands, helping them to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Contact Us: To learn more about how Sprint Networks can help your business leverage the power of Zero Trust LAN technology, contact us today.

Reference: https://versa-networks.com/news/2023/secure-sd-lan/

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