Cisco Meraki SD-WAN Bandwidth Control

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN Bandwidth Control

The bandwidth control is necessary to keep business critical traffic performing properly over WAN links.
In many cases, We apply QoS policies using DSCP based marking for business-critical or latency-sensitive traffics in order to guarantee services.
QoS policy setup is relatively complicated and it takes long time to apply and update it to the entire network.
In fact, there is the limitation about the stable performance with only queue scheduler based control.
Granular level of control, for example per-client base or up/down bandwidth control is required to effectively consume WAN bandwidth and eventually it will result in the better performance.

Cisco Meraki provides their optimal solution for WAN bandwidth control on the security SD-WAN platform through Meraki Cloud Dashboard.
The simple and intuitive menu  helps you create and apply policies and features quickly to Meraki platform networks.

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN

Global bandwidth limits allows you to limit on each client device’s total networks traffic(incoming/outgoing).
Enabling SpeedBurst provides faster Internet browsing experience by allowing users to exceed their assigned limit for short period time.

Meraki Shaping rule

Administrators can create and add traffic shaping rules by Traffic shaping rules.
Definition on each rule defines traffic matching criteria on pre-defined or user-defined traffics.
Matched traffics are applied with enhanced bandwidth limitation rules, priority and DSCP tagging.

And Web cache feature is available on some Meraki appliance platforms, which will improve end-user experience by reducing page load times and
file download times for frequently accessed web content.

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