Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Architecture

Secure SDWAN Architecture 1

The Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution is architected with multiple components to meet enterprise requirements satisfying business outcomes.

Transport independence provides a freedom from being stuck with expensive legacy types of link like MPLS, and giving more flexibilities by getting the SD-WAN service over various transports, for example broadband Internet and 4G/LTE.
Eventually, it also helps reducing IT Opex from the broad and various trasport options.

The overlay secures business traffic over IPSec tunnel and the security service is empowered from Fortinet security centralised database like, FortiGuard Labs and FortiSandbox.

IT Operator is able to have the granular level of visibilities and centralised configuring ability over the entire Secure SD-WAN networks using Fortinet operational platforms like, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM.

Fortinet Zero Touch Deployment helps a quick and efficient deployment on the large size of sites.

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN also presents strong identity and access management functions for remote users trying to connect to corporate network through secure tunnels.

Corporate hosted business applications are being transformed to cloud base rapidly and broadly.
And the perfomance of cloud based applications have become critical for coporate businesses.
Fortinet Secure SD-WAN extends the functions to private or public cloud platform, like MS Azure, Amazone AWS and Google Cloud to provide cloud based applications with better and guaranteed performance.

The major difficulty with deployment and operation of secure SD-WAN comes from the complex multi services across distributed sites.
Fortinet consolidates multi-layered services into the single platform which is FortiGate.

Any Fortinet Secure SD-WAN platform can take advantage of Fortinet’s all next generation firewall capabilities protecting corporate network from various internal and external threats as its inherent capability.

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