Is Your Business Suffering because of Poor Internet?

Is Your Business Suffering because of Poor Internet?

A stable and reliable Internet connection is absolutely crucial for small and medium Australian businesses to operate successfully. Poor broadband connections can hinder business productivity and growth. The growing threat of cyber attacks is another concern that has SMBs scouring for solutions to secure their business.

Lets look at some of the major concerns plaguing SMBs in Australia:

·       The business going down when the NBN goes down.

·       Poor Internet connectivity and performance

·       Poor and unsecure Wi-Fi connectivity

·       Lack of protection from cyber threats, viruses and malware

·       Not being able to work from home

·       Poor application performance

Here are some of the major hindrances facing SMBs trying to leverage quality IT offerings to improve their business productivity:

1.     Lack of an all-in-one IT solution for SMBs– While, there are solutions out there that can resolve the above problems individually, there is no one solution that take care of them all.

2.     Capable solutions are expensive- all-in-one solutions exist and that is what multi-billion-dollar enterprises use to secure their business. However, due to the earth-shattering cost, they remain out of reach for small and medium businesses.

3.     Service providers do not cater to the SMB market- most small and medium business owners in Australia would like to switch to a solution that can resolve their IT needs, but then they have very few options when it comes to who they can approach to resolve their needs. This is because almost all IT service providers are looking at serving the big businesses rather than SMBs.

So, what exactly can we offer that is going to help small and medium businesses experience headache-free IT like never before:

Our solution is an all-in-one solution that is designed to alleviate some of the most pressing IT issues that small and medium businesses face in today’s fast-changing world. Using our solution small and medium businesses should experience:

1.     Uninterrupted Internet connectivity- 4G Internet backup for your NBN when it goes down, so that your business is always online.

2.     Secure and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connected so that you are always connected.

3.     Powerful cybersecurity to secure your critical customer and personal data against cyber threats, viruses and malware.

4.     Secure and uninterrupted work from anywhere connectivity for remote work needs.

5.     Prioritise your business-critical applications over non-critical ones so that your business optimally performs day-in day-out.

Watch the video below to find out how we helped a medical practice resolve their IT issues:

To find out more about our solution or get pricing, you can visit our website-

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