How large corporations can secure their remote workforce using SASE?

How large corporations can secure their remote workforce using SASE?

Comprehensive WFH solution for the global enterprise

The pandemic has made the enterprise perimeter more dynamic and thereby changed the nature of the modern workforce. More and more corporations are moving towards adopting the latest approach to securing their remote workforce. In a distributed workforce, each endpoint can become a possible gateway for hackers and cybercriminals to penetrate and sabotage the corporate network, which would result in millions of dollars worth of damages for the organization.

To secure the corporate resources, it becomes absolutely crucial to secure each and every endpoint with the best security available. This is why many large corporations are already moving towards or have already adopted SASE (Secure access service edge). SASE is the convergence of networking and security capabilities into one integrated solution and this is exactly what enterprises need in today’s world. To learn more about SASE and it’s capabilities, click on the link below.

The SASE model for the global enterprise

A Large corporation, whose workforce is distributed, irrespective of industry, would be looking at the SASE model with a lot of hope right now. Let us take a large corporation as an example and analyze what challenges they could be facing right now, for them to consider moving towards a SASE model.

Some of the challenges could be:

1. Provide WFH users with secure access to applications and also provide them with required flexibility to perform their duties.

2. Provide secure access to certain corporate resources to any users outside of the organization.

3. Bring in a model, where every user is not given access to all corporate resources and only those that they would require to perform their day-to-day duties.

4. Requirement of some sort of authentication to happen on the client device, every time the client tries to access a corporate resource.

5. Provide a high-level of security overall, by integrating more and more security capabilities to form a robust security solution.

A SASE model is what an organisation would need to tackle the above mentioned questions or requirements. The SASE model is perfect for the above mentioned scenario and can truly help organisations secure their workforce in todays’ day and age. Adopting SASE without a proper framework or strategy is also not the right way of going about it. As long as the organisational goals match with the SASE model, the solution should be able to solve most of the problems plaguing the modern workforce.

How large businesses can benefit from a SASE solution?

  1. Using SASE, the business can provide secure identity-based, encrypted access to remote users.
  2. Reducing cost through simplying IT network.
  3. More control and visibility of branch sites with deep level analytics.
  4. Enhanced security using a NGFW and encrypted private access.
  5. Strategically, provide the enterprise with more incentive or opportunity to transition to a lean structure. 

Many organisations have already started reaping the benefits of SASE and many others are slated to follow suit. Eventually, the management needs to be convinced of the obvious benefits of a SASE model and how it can help organizations sustain themselves in the new normal. This has become easier due to prevailing circumstances and it can only take off, hereafter.  

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