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While most countries hardly consider WAN data speeds and latency to be an issue, in the Pacific Islands it’s a luxury to have WAN links with latencies less than 500 milliseconds. Organisations in the Pacific Islands go to great lengths to tune their networks to shave off their WAN latency by even 100 milliseconds. So, if I say that Sprint Networks have discovered the technology to improve the WAN data rate and latency by over 100%, some experts might be a bit skeptical (or not); while some would consider this a miracle and others might dismiss this by saying “it’s going to cost a fortune”. For either group, my request is please read on and prepare yourself to know the facts and be amazed.

There are many theories and multitude of write-ups as to why the Pacific Islands suffer such poor network performances. But, there has been nothing done to improve and enhance the data experiences in the Pacific Islands. In this article, we will explore one promising possibility that we believe is a winner.

Sprint Networks has a reputation for building state-of-the-art WAN networks with “unique designs” to suit the Pacific Islands that feature best practice security solutions with redundancy and scalability. This is our passion and we strive to make a positive impact across the Pacific. But a lot of folks wouldn’t know that we’re also known for our research work and constantly pushing the boundaries and re-defying WAN data capabilities in the Pacific Islands. Why? Because we understand how precious WAN data traffic is, what it costs to run 2Mbps link between two sites, the security vulnerabilities and throughput issues that constantly cripple the WAN links and hamper productivity.  The customer surveys we carried out over six months indicated the number #1 improvement 9 out of 10 clients and ICT managers would like to see and experience is better WAN data speeds and quick response times when accessing and transferring files.

After numerous technical discussions with various vendors and many hours of research, we are able to now provide a WAN optimisation solution “unique” to the Pacific Islands. Sprint  Networks was able to sift through a pool of vendors and pick the ideal vendor – Riverbed, who offers best in class WAN optimisation and has a proprietary hardware and software combination to optimise satellite-based RF transmission (similar to what Telikom PNG offers). This solution can improve WAN speeds over 100 to 1000 times your current rate – Guaranteed!

How do we know this? This was possible as we spend many hours at the Riverbed laboratory in Sydney testing and verifying if these numbers were accurate. We even simulated a typical Pacific branch network, then did some typical files transfers from the head office to the branch and calculated WAN data rates and even did some video capturing of our findings.




  • Data rates on a 1Mbps link can be up to 1000 (yes thousand) times faster
  • Effective throughput was over 18Mbps on average; that is with optimisation the 1Mbps link was made to look like an 18Mbps link.
  • Almost 960kbps of the link was freed up for other data or voice traffic
  • Sprint Networks is an authorised reseller and integrator of the Riverbed, StealHeads.  So our customers get the integration and design of these StealHeads as a free add-on.


So…, would you like to improve your data speeds?  I am sure by now you’re asking how much does it costs $$, the straightforward answer is not much, it’s surprisingly low. The price is based on vendor licencing and therefore it is not a one size fits all product or can be bought off the shelf, it depends on how many branches you would like to be optimised, the number of uses, type of applications used, current bandwidths, etc..


To introduce this little Genius we’re offering free trials for a limited number of non-Sprint Networks clients.


  • We perform a quick audit of your network Free of charge
  • We work with your engineers to design a trial network and integrate the new hardware.
  • We ship the hardware to you free of charge
  • You only pay a set price for the integration and configuration (basically pay for our time). There are no hidden fees.


There is none! All we need is your candid feedback after the trial period.

Ok, the trial is now complete, time to let go. This, we’ve noticed can be hard for some, you don’t want to go back to the snail spaced file transfers again. Add to that you notice your customer satisfaction is at an all-time high and your employee productivity has gone through the roof. So you decide to make one of THE most momentous decisions in your companies history and install StealHeads across your network. If this ever unfolds Sprint Networks will be there to guide you all the way.


We have a limited number of trial units and we’re looking for companies in the Pacific Islands to take advantage of this offer right now so that the trial could commence soon. If you like to get on board, know more or to ask a question please drop us an e-mail:

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