Secure virtualization for large-scale networks

• Cisco Secure SD-WAN based on on-prem or cloud management(Cisco vManage)

• Support Cisco cloud based full security features

• Support with wide range of Cisco platforms

• SD-WAN functions can be provided with the same Cisco devices by upgrading software

SD-WAN viptella
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Predictable application experience

Versa customers dramatically reduce CapEx and OpEx with less branch devices, lower recurrings costs, and increased simplicity.


Simplicity at enterprise scale

Centralize cloud management to make it easy to deploy SD-WAN and security while maintaining policy across thousands of sites.


Right security, right place

Protect users, devices, and applications with embedded or cloud security and lays the foundation for secure access service edge (SASE).

Features and Specs Overview

  • Broadband + LTE, which is ideal for low-priority branches or remote locations
  • Dual broadband, which is ideal for networks without MPLS, at branch locations or data centers
  • MPLS + dedicated internet, which is ideal for sites with mission-critical applications, typically data centers and/or headquarters
  • vSmart Controller
  • vEdge Router
  • vBond Orchestrator
  • vManage Configuring and Monitoring System
  • Virtual appliance
  • Runs on VMware vSphere ESXi Hypervisor
  • Establishes secure Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) connections to each vEdge router in the network
  • Overlay Management Protocol (OMP) to share routes, security and policy info
  • Uses preinstalled security credentials to automatically authenticate each new vEdge device before it joins the network
  • Centralized policy engine in the vSmart controller provides rich inbound and outbound policy constructs to manipulate routing information, access control, segmentation, extranets and service chaining
  • Full-featured IP routers perform standard functions such as OSPF, BGP, QoS, ACLs, and routing policies
  • Integrated enterprise firewall functionality
  • Automatically establishes secure DTLS sessions with the vSmart controller and standard IPsec sessions with other vEdge routers
  • vEdge 100 router includes tabletop and 1RU sizes and 100 Mbps encryption capacity
  • vEdge 1000 router includes half-width and 1RU sizes and 1 Gbps encryption capacity
  • vEdge 2000 router includes full-widths and 1RU and 10 Gbps encryption capacity
  • Virtual appliance enabling configuration management and monitoring of the solution
  • Runs on VMware vSphere ESXi Hypervisor with a minimum of two vCPUs and 4GB of memory
  • Minimum of two vCPUs and 8GB of memory
  • Virtual appliance enabling configuration management and monitoring of the solution
  • Runs on VMware vSphere ESXi Hypervisor with a minimum of two vCPUs and 8GB of memory
  • Centralized policy and distributed enforcement including Overlay Management Protocol to eliminate bottlenecks and enable quick turnaround in network changes
  • Automated secure bringup including Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip with signed certificate to help ensure automated authentication of vEdge routers joining the network
  • Integrated enterprise firewall including user-based security policies and segmentation, IPsec, VPN, NAT and ACLs standard to enhance security and simplify infrastructure management
  • Encrypted control and data traffic that can scale to multiple tens of thousands of network endpoints and 100K+ routes while still providing multipoint security
  • Scale-out architecture with redundancy that can withstand multiple failures in the overlay network for both the control and data plane
  • End-to-end network segmentation that can be rapidly enabled without additional control plane protocols to protect the network from internal and external threats

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