High-performance cloud connectivity and flexibility

• Fortinet NGFW + SD-WAN platform based on on-prem or cloud management(device local or FortiManager)

• Support full features of Fortinet security

• Support most FortiGate and FortiWifi platforms(including virtual version)

• SD-WAN functions can be provided with the existing Fortinet devices by upgrading software

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Dynamic Path Selection

SD-WAN solutions enable dynamic path selection for traffic to flow through: an MPLS connection, a broadband connection, and LTE. The SD-WAN solution can intelligently identify applications and determine the best path it should take to maximize functionality.


Zero-Touch Deployment

SD-WAN, which is based on the same methodology as software-defined networking (SDN) provides control and data plane separation to ensure centralized management and orchestration.


Centralized Orchestration

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Orchestrator allows organizations to simplify centralized deployment and establish automation to save time and respond more quickly to business demands.

Features and Specs Overview

  • Zero-touch deployment with pull or push activation
  • Rapid provisioning and simplified configuration
  • Suitable for any type of deployment leveraging a hyperscale solution
  • Aggregated broadband internet, LTE and MPLS circuits
  • Application-aware, per-packet link steering and on-demand remediation
  • Optimized performance for real-time, mission-critical and interactive applications
  • Centralized management and visibility for streamlined operations
  • Cloud-hosted, multitenant SD-WAN Orchestrator
  • 2,000+ cloud Gateways and 65+ Orchestrators
  • Hundreds of thousands of Edges in 100+ points of presence (PoPs) across the globe
  • Direct SaaS application access through cloud breakout without data center backhauling

Customer Case Studies

Hotels and Resourts

Improving the guest experience and boosting social media presence through Wi-Fi


Delivering security and reliable wireless connectivity across campus

Food Industry

Allieviating tech headaches with new wireless solution for restaurant chain

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