High-performance cloud connectivity and flexibility

Comprehensive security, full-featured SD-WAN, advanced routing, genuine multi-tenancy, seamless multi-cloud, and sophisticated analytics delivered via one software stack and one management interface to anyone on any device anywhere in the world.

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50% reduction in annual costs and 5x fewer branch devices.

Versa customers dramatically reduce CapEx and OpEx with less branch devices, lower recurrings costs, and increased simplicity.


20x faster site deployment with 66x increased bandwidth capacity.

Versa customers deploy new sites and migrate existing sites more quickly while significantly driving up bandwidth to branch offices.


100% improved cloud application availability and performance.

Versa customers experience higher performance, reliability, and resiliency for cloud, multicloud, and on-premises applications for branch and home users.

Versa Classic vs Versa Titan

Versa Networks SD-WAN comes in two different flavours, Versa Classic and Versa Titan. An in-depth comparison of the two is shown below.

Versa Classic Overview

• Versa Secure SD-WAN platform fully functioned based on on-prem or cloud management(Versa Director)
• Support full features of Versa security
• Support various Versa OS(VOS) platform(including virtual version)
• Ease of deploying multi-tenancy

Versa Titan Overview

• Versa Secure SD-WAN platform based on cloud management(Versa Titan portal)
• Quick and simple site activation
• Easy management and administration (mobile management available)
• Next generation Firewall features

Customer Case Studies

Financial Industry

The dual-role service solution for SD-WAN management and monitoring allows a global financial services firm to choose their areas of control, and which areas to leave in the hands of expert partners.

Media & Communications Industry

SD-WAN services into production in under seven months, enabling both greater scale and increased cost efficiencies. They are now able to offer multi-site mid-market and enterprise customers a powerful and scalable, yet cost-effective alternative to MPLS.

IT Industry

Cloud/SaaS Digital Marketing Firm Chooses Versa SD-WAN Architecture for its Cloud Journey Adapting to its growing and fluid business model, a cloud/SaaS enterprise is transforming its WAN infrastructure and totally moving to the cloud.

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