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Save over 60% of the cost with customised SD-WAN Solutions

The modern Cloud technology has changed the enterprise infrastructures from numerous points of view. Let’s discover how Software Define WAN (SD-WAN) can empower more secure, steady and practical cost savings to your enterprise with highly improved SaaS response times. With Cisco – Viptela SD-WAN Fabric, enterprises can provide secure connectivity everywhere, deploy new services and applications faster, and drastically simplify operational complexity in the WAN.

We at Sprint Networks are expert in SD-WAN Solutions and have helped many digital organisations in Australia, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Fiji to save over 60% of the cost of new deployments.

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Traditional Enterprise WAN Challenges

Long Change Control Times

Network architecture that does not understand business policy can delay projects and application delivery

Cloud-Ready Architecture

Traditional networks were not built for the Cloud. These include both SaaS applications like Office 365 and Salesforce, and Cloud infrastructure like AWS and Azure. Existing networks with a centralized DMZ create a tromboning effect on Cloud traffic causing a poor user experience.

Increasing Bandwidth Demands

Add bandwidth to enterprise applications based on demand while maintaining IT budgets.

Inconsistent Security Framework

Traditional WAN architectures expose many security problems for enterprises. What exists today is an inconsistent security framework across the different network infrastructures like MPLS and Broadband, and a lack of a unified policy across the network infrastructure for on-premise and cloud. Additionally, the corporate network is vulnerable to threats from other entities on the infrastructure, like business partners, guest wireless, and different lines of business.

Lack of Deterministic Application Performance

Most enterprises have two MPLS circuits as primary and backup. Detecting a problem and activating the backup implies long outage times and, often, manual intervention. Enterprises require an architecture with multiple circuits like MPLS, Internet and 4G LTE that are all in an active mode, as well as, a policy framework for real-time steering around network problems. This ensures that all available bandwidth is put to use and critical applications are performing in a deterministic manner.

Lack of Application Visibility

Today’s network architecture makes it extremely difficult to get real-time performance and utilization information. These problems arise because network infrastructure is complex and not application aware. Separate WAN infrastructure exists for MPLS, Broadband, Metro-Ethernet etc. Additionally, there is no centralized management and thus any visibility information has to be extracted from every device. What is needed is an overlay architecture that provides real-time, enterprise-wide visibility and analytics.

How SD-WAN Works?

Cisco SD-WAN built on the Viptela Fabric is a purpose-built solution from ground-up to provide secure, scalable, resilient WAN and with the optimal user experience for applications for a Cloud-ready enterprise.

Key Principles of SD-WAN

Transport independent secure fabric

Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN solution builds an overlay fabric which is carrier agnostic as well as transport agnostic. Customers get a consistent WAN built on any transport like MPLS, Broadband, 4G/LTE, VSAT and more. Cisco-Viptela solution secures connectivity over all of these transports to build a secure overlay network.

Separate of control-plane and data-plane

Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN provides a clear separation between management-plane, control-plane and data-plane. This allows each component to work independently and efficiently. It also enables scaling of the different components based on the needs of the network.

Zero-Trust Security

Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN is built based on the zero-trust model. All of the components mutually authenticate each other and all of the edge devices are authorized before they are allowed into the network. Every packet across data-plane, control-plane and management-plane that flows through the network is encrypted using SSL and IPSec technologies.

Active-Active architecture

Every aspect of the Cisco-Viptela architecture supports active-active deployment. From two circuits on an edge device to two edge devices at a site, all of these components of the deployment can be deployed in active-active mode.

ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning)

All of the Edge routers are configured and managed using Zero Touch Provisioning. This allows customers to significantly reduce their operational expense in device activations and maintenance.

Security and Segmentation

As more and more devices are internet connected and as new applications get rolled out in an enterprise branch, it becomes extremely critical for enterprises to isolate different types of traffic to avoid any threats coming out of different networks. Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN provides fine-grained granular segmentation capabilities to segment various applications & users.

Advanced Analytics

Viptela Analytics provides deep insight into the operations of the wide area network including visibility into network operations and application visibility and availability. In addition, customers can run through various What-If scenarios and fine tune their network based on the recommendations.

Cloud Delivered

Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN is Cloud delivered. All of the controllers are hosted in Viptela cloud and customers can login to the Viptela dashboard to centrally manage the WAN. Viptela vManage provides the ability to manage all aspects of the WAN from provisioning, monitoring and upgrading routers to application visibility and troubleshooting the WAN

Routing & QoS

Cisco-Viptela SD-WAN solution can be deployed in any brownfield or greenfield environments and is capable of running all OSPF and BGP routing protocols. These protocols can be enabled on the WAN side or the LAN side. In addition to the routing protocols, QoS can be enabled on any of the WAN and LAN ports.

Benefits of SD-WAN

Enterprise Challenges. Cisco SD-WAN Features. Benefits of Migrating.
Enterprise Challenges
Cisco SD-WAN Features
Benefits of Migrating

Most Deployed SD-WAN in Fortune 1000 Enterprises

• Globally deployed in financials, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, energy and more
• A single platform that addresses every major use case across all industries.
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Reduce Time to Capability

• Quickly deploy new branches with any transport (LTE/Broadband/MPLS/VSAT)
• Enable new services or implement policy with centralized management
• Automate operation workflows with in-built automation.

Zero Application Outages

• Multiple hybrid links with the active-active capability
• Real-time traffic steering around upstream network issues
• Customizable SLA-based policies per-application

Cloud-Optimized Network

• Extend WAN Seamlessly to AWS & Azure
• Optimized SaaS performance for Office 365, Salesforce and more
• Unified enterprise WAN policy for cloud and on-premises workloads

Secure, Hardened Network

• Robust security for the enterprise WAN independent of transport
• Reducing attack surface with segmentation for IoT, Partner networks, Cloud, Guest wireless.

Reduce WAN Costs by 50% or More

• Migrate from MPLS to Hybrid WAN
• 10x bandwidth at 50% the cost
• Optimize usage and capacity of transport

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